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About Zhanyuan

     Luoyang Zhanyuan Copper Industry Co., Ltd. is located in the ancient capital of the 13th Dynasty, Peony City \u0026 rdquo;\u0026mdash; Luoyang, the company has world-class production and testing equipment, the company relies on Chinalco Luoyang Copper, Luotong Group and domestic large-scale color Metal processing companies have developed more than 10,000 types of products, the main products: copper tube,copper bar, copper board, copper tape, (transformer belt, copper waterstop, bronze, cable tape, tin phosphorus strip and frame Material), copper, copper wire, aluminum, which are widely used in the aviation, aerospace, ships, military industry, metallurgy, electronics, machinery, textile, transportation, construction, chemicals, energy and other economic. Its product quality has reached the international advanced level and is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, America and the world.

       In the development process of the company, successively introduce advanced production equipment and testing equipment from developed countries in Europe and America. Through the transformation of the production line, the equipment level has always maintained the leading position in the country, and the main production line has reached the world-class level. Continuous improvement of quality and continuous innovation of varieties, providing a strong guarantee for the sustainable development of enterprises, and always in the leading position in the domestic copper processing industry in terms of production and sales scale, production technology, product quality, technical equipment, personnel quality, etc., in the copper processing industry Certain influence.

Our company"s purpose: to give users "the best value of products, the best service" . Our company"s entrepreneurial spirit \u0026 ldquo; integrity and self-improvement, pioneering and innovative \u0026 rdquo;.
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Customer Service is one of the important tasks of Luoyang Zhanyuan Copper Industry Co., Ltd. The service work is: accepting customer comprehensive business consultation, providing technical support to customers; accepting, coordinating, handling customer response problems, solving customer"s difficult problems; actively communicating with customers, understanding customer"s feelings and needs, and timely information of customers Feedback to all relevant management departments and production companies and properly handle them. More>>

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